Whither The Woodbridge Village Center?

Where There's Smoke There's Fire (aka Rumors We've Heard)

This would be really sad news.  It’s been rumored online for at least six months, and when Kimberly Pierceall of the Orange County Register, who covers the Irvine beat, mentions it, you start to take notice.

My journalism days are long past me, but I did some obvious snooping and found out the true concept of where there’s smoke there’s fire…

Woodbridge308The Woodbridge Center currently shows no space available according to The Irvine Company website.  What about the former Mobil Gas Station site (does anyone remember that)? The Assi Supermarket/SteinMart/Pavillions anchor site?

Woodbridge308If it’s razed for houses, what becomes of Woodbridge, nee Irvine staples such as the Starplex Dollar Theatres, Ruby’s and Sticky FIngers? How many Irvine families had their children’s first haircuts at Rainbow Kids (we have six kids and at least three were there).

If houses replace the Center, does the walking path stay? How about Del Taco, which is a staple for the school kids (and frugal Taco Tuesday diners)?

The current tenants are listed below and here:

Aloha Mind Math (949) 484-9383

Avalon Medical Aesthetics (949) 654-4400

Bank of America (949) 451-5900

Barnes & Noble Booksellers (949) 857-0322

Beacon Bay Auto Wash (949) 857-8220

Champagne French Bakery Cafe (949) 653-6828

CorePower Yoga (949) 551-9642

Dancing Keys Music Studio (949) 734-3567

Del Taco (949) 551-8792

Dr. Linda Alimadadian, D.O. (949) 654-7946

Eye Contact Optometry & Orthokeratology Center (949) 857-2020

Global R/X Pharmacy (949) 552-3111

Irvine Kids, MD (866) 549-3873

Irvine Periodontics and Dental Implant Center (949) 654-4760

Irvine Yamaha Music Center (949) 559-5440

Jitterbugs Toys (949) 551-8697

Kumon Math & Reading Center (949) 651-1200

Lake Dental Center (949) 857-2828

Loomis, Robert R. DDS (949) 559-5110

Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes (949) 551-5883

Moutsatson, John Orthodontics D.D.S. (949) 551-2532

OSHER Life Long Learning Institute (949) 451-1403

Pacific Holistic Health Center (949) 653-1187

Pedego Electric Bikes (949) 274-7944

Rainbow Kids Hairstyling (949) 551-6691

Ruby’s Diner (949) 552-7829

SGT Dental (949) 857-8898

Signature Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics (949) 387-1404

Sticky Fingers (949) 651-1137

Talium (949) 654-4411

Tiny Teeth (949) 653-8469

Treuhaft’s Fine Jewelry (949) 552-1955

UCLA Health System Hematology (949) 653-2959

Vale Consulting, Ken Meddock-Principal (949) 451-1900

Westcliff Medical Laboratories (949) 552-1996

Western Federal Credit Union (877) 254-9328

Woodbridge Movies 5 (949) 733-3795

According to The Irvine Company:

“Woodbridge Village Center enjoys an excellent location within the “medical corridor” along Barranca Parkway overlooking Woodbridge North Lake. The center further enjoys high visibility and easy access from Barranca Parkway as well as from the pedestrian and bicycle paths located throughout the community and park behind the center. With more than 178,000 square feet, the renovated center features Assi Natural Market, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Woodbridge Movies 5,and Ruby’s Diner, along with Avalon Medical Aesthetics, Westcliff Medical Laboratories, Global R/X Pharmacy, and many other medical services.”

How do you feel about this? Comment below or via Twitter or Facebook – we’d love to know your thoughts.


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