No Holiday Celebrations For These Irvine Village Center Tenants

What's Closing (or already closed) In Irvine

A loss of two long time Irvine Village Center tenants in the past few weeks…

Paradise Perks, Drive Thru Cleaners and Devilicious Donuts all have shut down within the last month or so at the corner of Jeffrey and Irvine Center Drive.

@paradiseperks is a loss since they provided a unique and free spirited Starbucks alternative and actually stayed up and open past 9p.  Alas, that may have been what doomed them according to this OC Weekly obit and editorial.

Drive Thru Cleaners had its fair share of fans and haters, as seen by the split reviews on Yelp, but it’s been around seemingly forever (my wife Denise and I have lived here over 20 years and can’t remember when we haven’t seen it there – but that might just be old age) and it’s another strike against cleaners on Irvine Center Drive, as we were longtime customers of “@ the cleaners” at the Sand Canyon Plaza off of Irvine Center and Sand Canyon.

Devilicious Donuts continues a new sort of trend in 2013-2014.  Just a random opinion here, but more and more businesses are pulling the plug sooner than ever on their businesses rather than sticking things out until they become a known entity/resource in the community.  This is by no means exclusive to Irvine.

Double D was selected as number 63 of the “100 Favorite Dishes of 2013” by OC Weekly Magazine.  Irvine’s location was not even open yet, and the date of that publication is late July 2013!  Less than a year?  With all of the hype?

For the record, we never got there to try it.  Opened late, closed early.  The guess here is a great PR agent, but a missing business plan.  Too bad.  However, Woodbridge still has the very tasty Donut Star, open 24/7/365, at much better prices and with very tasty treats.  To start you off right, here’s a buy 2, get 2 free coupon courtesy of Real Irvine and The Irvine Company!

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One thought on “No Holiday Celebrations For These Irvine Village Center Tenants

  1. As a follow up (no reason to write a post about older closings – but you may not have been aware of these):

    Closed recently (courtesy of @FastFoodMaven Nancy Luna of the @ocregister):

    * California Pizza Kitchen at Park Place (got a little more time hanging on – now slated for August 15th). The location is at 2957 Michelson Drive in Irvine. It’s unclear what will happen with the prime retail space, which is in the same center as Houston’s, The Counter and Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

    * All the OC Pat & Oscar’s (or O’s American Kitchens or just the original Oscar’s) are now gone. You may remember they were once big in Irvine at the Market Place on the Irvine side.

    * Elephant Bar and Denny’s at Heritage Plaza Shopping Center have both closed in the last few weeks. E-Bar has faced Chapter 11 and has faded. That Denny’s was always packed – I assume they’re trying to direct more traffic to their location next to the 5 and Sand Canyon which is newer (and charges more)?

    * Nancy notes El Cholo, at Alton Square on the corner of Jeffrey and Alton in Woodbridge, is scheduled to close very soon. FYI Nancy – I have heard a rumor CPK MIGHT be moving to the soon to be vacant spot currently housing El Cholo in Woodbridge – but that’s just a rumor.

    * Nancy saw The Irvine Co. appears to be doing a pizza switcheroo in Quail Hill Shopping Center off of the 405 and Sand Canyon/Shady Canyon, Johnny’s Real New York Pizza is replacing Red Brick.

    Lots of positive new entries hitting the scene as well…those will be featured with their own blog entries soon.

    Thanks Nancy and @realirvine followers!

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