Corner of Irvine Center Dr & Jeffrey - The Irvine Village Center

No Holiday Celebrations For These Irvine Village Center Tenants

What's Closing (or already closed) In Irvine

A loss of two long time Irvine Village Center tenants in the past few weeks…

Paradise Perks, Drive Thru Cleaners and Devilicious Donuts all have shut down within the last month or so at the corner of Jeffrey and Irvine Center Drive.

@paradiseperks is a loss since they provided a unique and free spirited Starbucks alternative and actually stayed up and open past 9p.  Alas, that may have been what doomed them according to this OC Weekly obit and editorial.

Drive Thru Cleaners had its fair share of fans and haters, as seen by the split reviews on Yelp, but it’s been around seemingly forever (my wife Denise and I have lived here over 20 years and can’t remember when we haven’t seen it there – but that might just be old age) and it’s another strike against cleaners on Irvine Center Drive, as we were longtime customers of “@ the cleaners” at the Sand Canyon Plaza off of Irvine Center and Sand Canyon.

Devilicious Donuts continues a new sort of trend in 2013-2014.  Just a random opinion here, but more and more businesses are pulling the plug sooner than ever on their businesses rather than sticking things out until they become a known entity/resource in the community.  This is by no means exclusive to Irvine.

Double D was selected as number 63 of the “100 Favorite Dishes of 2013″ by OC Weekly Magazine.  Irvine’s location was not even open yet, and the date of that publication is late July 2013!  Less than a year?  With all of the hype?

For the record, we never got there to try it.  Opened late, closed early.  The guess here is a great PR agent, but a missing business plan.  Too bad.  However, Woodbridge still has the very tasty Donut Star, open 24/7/365, at much better prices and with very tasty treats.  To start you off right, here’s a buy 2, get 2 free coupon courtesy of Real Irvine and The Irvine Company!

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Things We Like: Restaurants: California Fish Grill

Where To Dine In Irvine

Irvine's California Fish Grill

California Fish Grill, fresh seafood eatery takes pride in serving the best tasting, freshest fish, by selecting only the highest quality seafood, having fish delivered daily and only using pure vegetable oil. Come enjoy the warm atmosphere for which California Fish Grill is known, as well as its exceptional seafood.”

Their words, not mine. That said, they pretty much nailed it both in description and in taste at the California Fish Grill in Irvine. Located at the corner of Culver and Barranca in the Crossroads Center, California Fish Grill stands out from the crowd, and that’s a good thing, since the crowds at lunch can quite often leave lines significantly out the door. The draw? Fresh fish and fair portions at a price that doesn’t leave you feeling like you took the bait for a sucker deal. How fair? The entire menu has only two items that are over $10. At a seafood restaurant. Fresh seafood, not Long John Silver’s.

The menu has a little something for everyone.


RIB ca fish grill ahi tuna cajun style

Ahi Tuna Cajun Style (courtesy Yelp)

Charbroiled platters include White Roughy (I was told that’s the most popular), Salmon, Trout, Ahi Tuna (served medium or Cajun seared rare), Mahi Mahi, Catfish, Swordfish, Halibut and Giant Shrimp. All charbroiled items are topped with garlic butter source or served Cajun style (the way Denise and I prefer) and include rice or fries along with a small portion of coleslaw and bread.

Fried Fish Combo Plate (courtesy Yelp)

More of a fried fish fan? Deep fried frenzies await you then. Choices include Shrimp, Scallops, Catfish and Calamari.

Fan of Wahoo’s or Rubio’s? Get ready to change teams after trying their burritos or tacos. Cajun Mahi, Grilled Shrimp and for you landlocked types, Chicken Burrito wraps can tie you over. A personal favorite of ours are the Cajun Salmon Tacos. Other taco options include Battered Fish, Shrimp, Mahi and Chicken.

Salads are on the menu as well. Cajun Salmon, Seared Ahi Tuna, Asian Shrimp and Crab Salads are all very tempting and eye pleasing options offered.

Sides include fries and sweet potato fries, a pretty solid New England clam chowder and the highly recommended Grilled Zucchini.

The restaurant is a fast-casual concept. You walk in, place your order, take your number, fill your drinks and grab a seat (if you can, remember it’s very, very busy around the lunch hour). Drinks come with unlimited refills and there’s a salsa bar which features a couple of surprisingly strong offerings for a fish restaurant. Cocktail and tartar sauces along with lemons and cilantro are offered as well for taste.

When the restaurant originally opened in late 2005, it was the chain’s 3rd or 4th location. They now have 6 locations. While not exclusive to our area, it’s been a welcome addition and has not seen many (if any) lonely days since arriving. We highly recommend it and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.


3988 Barranca Parkway #B
Irvine, California 92606
Phone: 949-654-3838
Fax: 949-654-3858

Mon. – Sun. 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Some other reviews of California Fish Grill:


Monster Munching:

Griffin Eats OC:

Creamistry Brings the Future of Ice Cream to Irvine (@ Crossroads Plaza in Westpark)

Where To Dine In Irvine

Source: Where Magazine


Take your dessert to the next level at Creamistry in Irvine. A blast of liquid nitrogen flash freezes ingredients in seconds, giving you pure edible science in ice cream form.

Creamistry’s made-to-order ice cream just may be the freshest and creamiest ice cream in town. Using premium ingredients, including Straus cream, with organic and non-GMO soy options, Creamistry’s creations are only limited by your imagination. With roughly 50 base flavors and more than 50 mix-ins and toppings, the flavor combinations are endless. For those that can’t decide, ten signature flavors are available including vanilla bean with candied bacon, cookie butter, salted caramel, chocolate hazelnut and an array of Asian-inspired flavors such as Thai iced tea, red-bean and matcha green tea. Milkshakes along with ice cream cookie sandwiches are available as well. Pair your favorite ice cream flavors with a variety of cookies, including chocolate chip, macadamia and sugar.


Co-owner Jay Yim, whose family has been in the bakery and sweets business for generations, first encountered the concept of liquid nitrogen ice cream in Korea nearly a decade ago. Smitten by the cool factor of liquid nitrogen smoke, Yim knew that customers would get a kick out of watching the process of their concoctions come to life. Mobile carts can bring cool treats to your next private party or special event too, delighting and entertaining your guests. 3972 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, 949.777.6627.

Our thoughts: Great ice cream – just be prepared – if you have a large family like ours – VERY expensive for ice cream though.  Here’s our attempt to help - a link to the Irvine Company to get a coupon Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (good through the end of July).  Well worth one try…

These Are The 2 Rooms That Really Sell Homes

Real Estate

If you’re planning to put your house on the market, you likely want to maximize your very limited time and extra cash.  That’s why Trulia suggests zeroing in on what we call Buyer Hot Spots: the ‘make it or break it’ focal points of a home.  As a seller with a tight time line (and budget), you’ll want focus on these rooms first.

The Two Hot Spots: The two most closely inspected and anticipated rooms of a house are the kitchen and master bathroom. They’re the interior spaces where the most value can be added during a sale, so they need to look their best.

A well-appointed kitchen will dramatically increase the value of your home, so really spice up this spot to grab buyer attention. The same holds true for the bathrooms – especially the master– which will charm open house-goers with modern upgrades like dual vanities and soaking tubs.

Keeping Up With The Joneses: Before you start planning any interior upgrades, consider your neighborhood – and more importantly, your target buyer.  If most of the homes nearby have tidy, neat kitchens with Formica or tile countertops, then you should, too. If granite and flagstone seems to be the local flavor, hopefully yours will be similar, since that’s what local buyers are after.

Don’t Over Do It: Establishing the quality level of comparable homes is also crucial to saving you thousands. It’ll help you identify when to spend and when not to go overboard on unnecessary amenities. A kitchen upgrade can range from a one weekend, low-budget brush up (think paint job and installing new hardware) to a full-blown overhaul (with tens of thousands spent for granite countertops and luxury appliances). You want to make your home look as fantastic as possible – without wasting money, overinvesting, and ultimately creating a space that’s out of place with the rest of the houses in the neighborhood.

Make The Most Of What You’ve Got: Even if your kitchen is looking very tired, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Keep the main elements, and simply improve what you can using a cost-effective, low-labor strategy.  Resurface or repaint cabinet doors, replace cabinet hardware, install a new faucet, upgrade the appliances, upgrade the lighting with new fixtures, and put on a fresh coat of paint. Also, the least expensive but most important tip – rid the countertops of all your stuff!

The Master Bath Mystique: In order of buyer-grabbing importance, the master bath is a close second. It’s the most challenging room in the house to upgrade because doing so requires the skills of many different tradesmen. But, on the positive side, there are several little tricks that can help create an inviting look that tugs at buyers’ heartstrings and evokes that “Oh Honey, I love it!” reaction.

When time and money are running out, and you need to get the house on the market, the key to doing a bathroom upgrade is, again, making the most of what you’ve got. Save as much of the existing bath as you can. Then, a quick switch of the sinks and faucets, new low-flow toilets and showerheads, and upgraded lighting, mirrors, towel racks and storage make for an entirely refreshed look. And for goodness sakes, make sure to clean the tile and grout, and organize the medicine cabinets (because buyers will open them).

This article These Are The 2 Rooms That Really Sell Homes originally appeared on Trulia Tips.

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ALL: What was the room that was most important to you when you bought or rent your last home or apartment?

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Real Estate News You Can Use: 10 Reasons To Buy A Home

Real Estate


Note from Jon: I’ve cleaned out all the old entries with the relaunch of the blog here in July 2014.  That said, I left this one.  4 years later and most properties here in Irvine have gone up by 25%.  Is this guaranteed to happen again in the next 4 years? Of course not. That said, it’s a great time to explore and be ready to jump on the right opportunity here in Irvine, be it as a starter home, a long term residence or as an investment property.  We’re here to help.  Call or email us anytime and we can let you know the strengths and weaknesses (yes, nothing is perfect) about acting now. Thanks and enjoy – Jon

Time magazine is being overly pessimistic in its recent cover piece that called into question the benefits of homeownership. In fact, now is a great time to buy. And, what’s more, tomorrow will be a great time to own, because the fundamental strength of homeownership hasn’t changed.

Why is now a great time to buy? Here are 10 reasons:

1. You can get a good deal. Prices are down 30 percent on average. They’re at a level that makes sense for people’s income.

2. Mortgages are cheap. At 4.3 percent on average for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, your costs to own are down by a fifth from two years ago.

3. You can save on taxes. When you add up the deductions for mortgage interest and others, the cost of owning can drop below renting for a comparable place.

4. It’ll be yours. The one benefit to owning that never changes is that you can paint your walls orange if you want (generally speaking; there might be some community restrictions). How many landlords will let you do that?

5. You can get a better home. In some markets, it’s simply the case that the nicest places are for-sale homes and condos.

6. It offers some inflation protection. Historically, appreciation over time outpaces inflation.

7. It’s risk capital. If the economy picks up, you stand to benefit from that, even if you’re goal is just to have a nice place to live.

8. It’s forced savings. A part of your payment each month goes to equity.

9. There is a lot to choose from. There are some 4 million homes available today, about a year’s supply. Now’s the time to find something you like and get it.

10. Sooner or later the market will clear. The U.S. is expected to grow by another 100 million people in 40 years. They have to live somewhere. Demand will eventually outpace supply.

Source: Wall Street Journal, Brett Arends (9/16/10)